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Polini Thor 250 DS with 36,5 HP

The Polini Thor 250 DS with 36,5 HP has been modified by Fresh Breeze for the AEROLiTE 120. Through years of experience and methodical measurements, Fresh Breeze has preferred the air intake silencer instead of the original air box.

On board is the proven Bing carburetor and Helmholtz resonator. We will offer the electric starter with relay, battery and regulator as standard configuration.

The next step is the careful adaptation.

We wish an optimal performing engine for our customers. Everything must fit, be solidly processed and, of course, work reliably. We want to create an excellent basis for the series. As always, we attach great importance to high-quality and durable switches, hard-wearing electric wiring and connectors.

The customer expects quality and care, right down to the last detail and he receives it from us.

At the end of the day, a well-functioning aircraft engine unit is to be built which is reliable and safe. This takes some more time to achieve the goal.

The 2-blade and 3-blade propeller of Helix has already been ground tested for performance – the static thrust is ok, but not yet the wisdom of the end.

In the first series of ground-tests, the engine runs smooth and sounds very quiet. In flight operation, we expect a well performing and efficient power plant. The flight-tests are over, we expect the permission very soon.

Save the date! 25th Anniversary AERO Friedrichshafen

We are co-exhibitors at Comco Ikarus (Hall B1 – Stand 301) this year and we are particularly pleased with the exciting synergy. After all, some flight schools offer flight training for the 120 kg category, with the AEROLiTE 120 in combination with the C 42 (perhaps C 22).

For the first time, we present the AEROLiTE 120, Edition `MOUSEHUNTER` with the Polini Thor 200 EVO.
Polini Thor 200 EVO
Engine has been optimized for use in the AEROLiTE 120: 

    • Fan cooled
    • Balancing countershaft minimizes vibrations
    • Air box – reduces intake air noise
    • Fuel carburation by Bing carburetor 84, accurately adjustable
    • Special reduction gear, RPM optimized ratio 1:3,22 for use of HELIX H40F-1,40 m 2-bladed carbon propeller
    • Helmholtz Resonator stabilizes cruise RPM
    • TBO 400h

We deliver standard:

  • An electric starter with relay, battery and controller
  • EGT and CHT sensors (exhaust gas temperature and cylinder head temperature

It has been shown in practice that the engine accelerates more uniformly over the entire RPM range when an optimized fuel jet arrangement in the carburetor and a modified intake guide replaces the airbox. We offer this version as of May 2017 as standard.
The exhibited aircraft has already been sold and will be handed over to the Propellermann flight school right after the Aero.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Taste AEROLiTE 120 `Edition Mousehunter`

Prices and more

General price increase as of 01.03.17
Since July 2015 we have kept our prices stable. Higher wage costs, significant price increases for raw materials and essential components, and the massive decline of the euro against the US dollar make price adjustment inevitable.
Our prices will increase as of 01.03.2017 as follows:
– AEROLiTE 120 covers all editions 10%
– Accessories 8%
Take advantage of our past conditions!
Secure your AEROLiTE 120 by 28.02.2017, by choosing one of the edtitions, BUMBLEBEE, PASSIONATE or BOOSTER, bindingly order and pay. Completion takes place within 6-8 weeks.

“Vol Moteur” Entrée Gérée | AEROLiTE 120

“Vol Moteur” rapporté: Entrée Gérée

Avec le rapport passionnant pilote dans l’une des principales revues ” Vol Moteur ” en France , le lancement depuis longtemps , nous avons réussi en France . Le Aerolite 120 est légalement volé ULM et sous réserve de toute obligation de l’aérodrome – peut-être un modèle intéressant pour l’Allemagne ?

S’il vous plaît lire l’article complet.


Market launch in France

With the exciting pilot report in one of the leading journals “Vol Moteur” in France, the long overdue launch in France has been succeeded. The AEROLiTE 120 will be legally flown as an ULM. This category of Aircrafts is not subject to compulsory use airfields – certainly an interesting model for Germany?

Please read the full article.