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Current price list

We continue to keep our prices stable

Despite significant price increases from our suppliers, we have decided not to adjust our prices.
We have kept our prices stable since 03/2017 – and are proud of it.
The new price lists now also include the new Polini Thor 250 DS engine with corresponding propeller selection.
You will also receive a detailed and separate price list for the popular AL120 EIGHTYMADE-KIT.

A brief summary for you:
You will receive a ready to fly AEROLiTE 120, including rescue and standard version, for € 29640,- incl. VAT 19% ex works.
The AL120 EIGHTYMADE-KIT is available in the same configuration for € 24530,-. incl. VAT 19% ex works. You save an amazing € 5410,-.
If you feel like setting up your AEROLiTE 120 in your own workshop, this would be the right offer for you.
The kit is 80% finished.
We look forward to talking to you at the AERO in Friedrichshafen. If you are not planning a visit to the trade fair, we will of course be happy to assist you by e-mail or telephone.