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LAA Light Aviation issue 11-2015Das LAA Light Aviation published a pilot report of the AEROLiTE 120 in its latest issue

Stephen Oliver is the first customer who bought his AEROLiTE 120 in the UK. Please find his exciting and very remarkable report here.
Dan Johnsen - AEROLiTE 120Light Is Right In the Eyes of FAA and World CAAs

By Dan Johnson, September 15, 2014

Dan Johnsen - AEROLiTE 120Visit by Dan Johnson, President of LAMA

Enthusiasticly DAN JOHNSON tells about the safety related customizations like the redesign of the electric system. He liked the new panel's design particularly. DAN honored us by visiting our booth at the Aero 2014. His own flying experience with the AEROLiTE 120, let to the statement of DAN JOHNSON, LSA expert and President of the LAMA (Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association), describing the flight characteristics and manufacturing quality of this Aircraft. Read more here.

Norwegian ArticleNorwegan article 2014
We really enjoy the fact, that the interest in the AEROLiTE 120 is quite big in Scandinavian countries. Who is able to understand Norwegian can read an article about that right here.

Aero 2014Aero 2014 - Article about the AEROLiTE 120

In April 2014, AERO was embarked on its 22nd anniversary flight. Alongside events such as the EAA Oshkosh, the AERO constitutes one of the most important trade shows in the industry and, as Europe’s number one international trade show in general aviation, it plays an important role globally too.
The VIERWERK GmbH celebrated it´s European Premiere of the AEROLiTE 120.

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