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Complete beauty. There is even more of it.

Despite your chosen edition you may complete your AEROLiTE 120 with useful accessories, distinctive and individual.

Wheel pants

Color matching wheel pants available for every edition. They are made of rugged but light glass fibre.

Color of panel

In addition to your instruments chosen you may also choose the color of your panel or have it anodized .

tool pouch

„Less is More“. You do not need any more hand-tools to prepare your AEROLiTE 120 for trailer hauling or container storage. If you want to save hangar space, no problem, all you need to do is take off the entire tail boom. It will be stowed underneath either wing, your space needed 8,20 m x 2,85 m. In order to strip down the entire aircraft, you remove 3 bolts for the tail boom, 2 bolts for each wing plus 4 bolts for the struts – done. This procedure will take about 1 hour with 2 people.
The tool pouch is handcrafted from Cordura®, double-stitched and labeled, color matching. The tool set consists of 3 ring/open-ended spanners, 3 socket-wrenches, 1 ratchet.

Storage bags

The storage bags offer a lot of room “enroute”. They are made of sturdy Cordura® with Velcro® straps, strong zippers, labeled – color matching.

SuperB Battery

The “SuperB” 2600 mAh battery offers lightweight at high capacity, maintenance free, very low self-discharge. High tech LiFePO4 cells are protected in a special housing, from short circuit explosion, against mechanical impact and overcharging. We offer the suitable charger.


We offer a tailor-made aircraft cover. It will protect your AEROLiTE 120 from dust and bird droppings while hangared.