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The Fiche d´identification – finally here!

What lasts a long time will finally be good. We received already on the Aero in Friedrichshafen, namely to 10.04.19, the written promise, which we will receive the Fiche d´identification for the Polini Thor 250 DS. Nevertheless, the French authorities took their time until yesterday (06.08.2019) to issue the document to us.

It required stamina, patience and strong nerves. We are happy that the chapter can finally be closed. From now on we offer our customers an additional engine, low-vibration and powerful. Here you will find our motor selection.

Like all our engines, the Polini Thor 250 DS with HELIX or E-Props has well passed the obligatory noise test. The engine runs reliably, the performance is powerful even under full load. “For a two-stroke” the Polini has a really pleasant sound. We are convinced that the Polini Thor 250 DS is a good contribution to our portfolio.

The following reasons speak for the new engine:
✓ comfortable power reserve (power 36.5 HP) with low weight
✓ thermally healthy due to water cooling
✓ Low vibration due to a balancer shaft
✓ increased safety factor due to dual ignition
✓ Proven and widely used engine that is mass-produced
✓ Propeller either HELIX 2-blade 1,4m or E-Props 2-blade adjustable
We offer standard:
✓ Electric starter with relay, battery and regulator
✓ Sensors for exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and cylinder head temperature (CHT)

For further questions, offers and purchase opportunities we are available to you, at any time.